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 My wedding photography approach for the civil wedding ceremony is just as relevant to your Church wedding but perhaps with the little extra thats needed due to the sanctity and meaning that a Church wedding brings.

Many vicar's/ priests, can be very strict with wedding photographers and there are some extra restrictions on wedding photos within the Church, the extra restrictions can be from past experience's with others who have not respected the nature of the ceremony. Over the years I have got to know some of the vicar's at Leicestershire Church's, they are very hard working and can run 2 or 3 Churches, so I do get to see some more than others and they have got to know me in return. If a photographer does not respect the situation they can be (rightly) extra strict the next time they come across that wedding photographer for a another Church wedding that they hold. 


I know the best positions I can use without being noisy and distracting or moving around. I have photographed many Leicester Church weddings and know the ceremony and what is involved so I am ready to capture the key moments without fuss.

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 Leicester Church Wedding Flowers, Pew Ends.  
In your Church you could just decorate every other pew end so that when people come in to the church the effect will be as if they have all been done, or you could use a flower arrangement and then an organza bow every other pew without the need for every Church pew to have the flowers. Some Leicester Churches are themselves beautiful wedding venues with carved oak or pine pews and need no extras

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