Rain On Your Wedding Day

I have been a Leicester wedding photographer shooting weddings for many years I don’t mind admitting that it can still take all my skill and experience if your wedding day weather turns bad. Over the years I've photographed weddings thorough a lot of winters and rainy summers, and encountered all kinds of weather and some difficult lighting conditions.  

 Below is a gallery of my Leicestershire weddings that have been taken not just in winter but in the summer rain or at night at all times of the year.

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When looking at a wedding photographers work you will probably see lots of wedding photo samples taken on lovely sunny days, which is easy ! But if you are having a winter wedding then you need to see what a wedding photographer can do in those difficult winter weather and lighting conditions. Indoor wedding photography especially requires a careful blend of flash, ambient, and natural light, to avoid shadows and dark backgrounds.

    Prestwold Hall                                                                                                                                                Rothley Court wedding

      Brooksby Hall wedding                                      

Brooksby Hall rain wedding


Bawdon Lodge Farm

Hothorpe Hall

I Prestwold Hall

Beaumanor Hall

Rothley Court Fireworks