The wedding confetti photo. After photographing many Leicester weddings over the years I have developed ways to get the best out of a sometimes random and un-controllable (although choreographed ) event.

Brooksby Hall wedding confetti

 Leicester wedding photography

Always check with your wedding venue first if you can even have confetti as some Leicester wedding venues only allow biodegradable.

Donington Park Farmhouse wedding
   You could try bubbles but maybe you don’t want them on your dress !, and for it to look any good you need a lot.

Brooksby Hall wedding photography, you wont need 1 confetti cone or packet for each person as you can only get about 20-30 people around you and some may not want to throw any. 

Wedding confetti Cones- I usually see them by the wedding venue door maybe in a basket, If that is the case I would say to make sure that someone is there to hand them out after the wedding ceremony, otherwise your guests will just walk past them. But if you did it that way it's better to be thrown straight away as being in a cone - its not easy to put down anywhere and also being open it gets spilt easily. 
Loose petals in a basket for guests to grab handful’s do tend to clump in the hand and comes at you as a ball!. My advice (at non church weddings) is that the best way is to put the cones out of sight and leave it until you have had a drink and a chat and then send the flower girl around with the basket to hand out when we are ready to get a confetti photo. And whilst you relax I will be taking some informal shots.


 A DIY way to make your wedding confetti cones is to use a parchment type paper and roughly tear along the top edge of the paper

You could print your aisle music onto paper and make a cone from that but watch out with whatever you use, as if it rains you do not want ink or paper dye to run everywhere.


Another quick and low cost way to make a confetti cone is to use paper doillies.


But no matter how much you plan things or even say -no confetti if your wedding venue doesn’t allow, your auntie will still show up with that blue box of confetti that she has got from the newsagents on the way to your wedding !.

Leicester wedding photographer the confetti photo