Wedding photography whilst getting ready

Wedding photos of the bride in the morning of the wedding. Ok not everyone likes the sound of a photographer being around at this time, don’t worry as I will fit between everything you need to do and you will hardly notice I am there, but for me its not just about the getting ready shots because it also gives me a chance to introduce myself to Mums, Dads, Bridesmaids and anyone else who is there, so it can almost be like a pre wedding shoot and very quickly everyone knows me.

I can also help by gently moving things along and keeping an eye on timings for you. People usually will ask me "when should I do this" or "that". And after 100s of weddings I have a good idea of the times needed. 

I can help with things like putting the button holes on or Dads with the cravat, as no one ever seems to know how to do them up, so I am also there to help things go smother. You could say its like having a wedding coordinator with you at home. 

It could also be said that the bride is also at her best at this part of the wedding day, after all -- your make up is perfect now, as later there may be some tears and many kisses on your once perfect make up,

Perhaps shots of the dress/shoes before they get put on,flowers, there are plenty of shots that can still be done even if none are of people.

I like to get shots of the wedding flowers at this time as this is when they are going to be at their best, as later they do get bashed and the button holes also will tend to get crushed from all those hugs.

   Your hair is also the best it will be all day as once you get out there in the wind and rain!

If you have some shots taken at this time you will then be able to share those moments with your groom after the wedding.

    Perhaps you are getting ready at your parents house, then that's also a good time to get some shots with them when everyone is ready which can then take the pressure off shooting these later, 

 Sometimes the weather forecast will be rain later and the morning could be the only chance you get for some photos outside in the daylight.

Once finished with the wedding prep photographs I can then like to catch up with the groom for some shots with him and the chaps, before the wedding, it could be at the Church or wedding venue or even in the pub before the wedding. See here for the groom shots.
Leicester wedding photography

Leicester wedding photographer, for Leicester and Leicestershire. Bill Haddon