Wedding Day Details

Wedding photography is not always just about the bride and groom as there are many details that you will of thought about that go to make your wedding day unique to you.

Here is a gallery of a selection of wedding day details.

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Some people find that it helps them come up with a colour scheme if they base the wedding around a theme such as vintage or festival, and that then should give you a colour-way to work to for your wedding.

pink Paper straws wedding photo

Selecting wedding accessories in matching colours can be difficult if you need them all to fit within a set wedding scheme. But once its all put together all that hard work will pay off and it will look fantastic on your wedding day. So the wedding photography is not just about the people but also its about capturing all that hard work and thought that you put to your wedding day.

Brooksby Hall wedding

Selecting all the extra details to make sure they co-ordinate within your wedding scheme.

Wedding menue

 wooden wedding sign

vintage wedding bunting