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When looking for a wedding photographer its always best to start with your local photographers and if you cant find what you need then start to look further a field as there are wedding photographers that will go anywhere in the UK for a wedding.

Keeping to a tight Midlands area not only keeps my wedding photography prices low - as you are not paying any extra for me to travel but there are many other benefits associated with mainly shooting Leicestershire weddings.

I get to visit each wedding venue many times through the year and so over time I have shot weddings at most of the Leicestershire wedding venues in all kinds of weather and at all times of the year at different times of day so when it comes to your wedding I know the best places for the shots without the need to spend time looking for them. 

Other advantages of shooting mainly Leicestershire weddings is that having the local knowledge of back routes helps me get from any bridal preparations shots to the ceremony venue quickly so that I can get bridal prep shots and get the groom shots at the venue as well without the a need for two photographers.

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Being a wedding photographer and mainly photographing weddings around the Leicestershire area sometimes get asked "do you get bored of shooting at the same venues" And I always reply "no" this is because it never is the same. Even when I photograph a Leicestershire wedding venue 6 times through the year every time it will look different as the light changes.

Each time I visit a venue the weather wont be exactly the same, and also the wedding will be at a different time of day which will also give me a different quality of light each time.

Leicester wedding photography gallery click here to view a selection of wedding photographs from some Leicester wedding venues.

Leicester wedding photography

Leicester wedding photographer prestwold hall

Some times the only way the shot will work is when the light is right, that for me is part of what makes being a Leicester wedding photographer so exciting, seeing that you have the right conditions to get a once in a year shot.